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Simple talk about the environmental benefits of producing a

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Biomass gasification furnace is a burner that can control biomass fuel, high biomass fuel price, save money, and look at the environmental benefits of producing yellow phosphate exhaust burners together.
	Simple talk about the environmental benefits of producing a

Simple talk about the environmental benefits of producing a yellow phosphate tail gas burner
Previous news, there is a replacement of the yellow phosphorus exhaust gas as a low-nitrogen burner, and the appearance of things is definitely worth it. So what kind of environmental benefits will be brought to what the appearance of the yellow-phosphate tail gas burner? Xiaobian has organized some data articles by looking for relevant information. The specific analysis is as follows: The yellow phosphor tail gas is simply used as the fuel of the lime kiln, which can remove about 30% H2S and some impurities. Take the annual output of 10,000 tons of Huang phosphorus production unit as an example. If the yellow phosphor tail gas is used as a fuel combustion, 280 tons of sulfur-containing compound can be reduced each year, reduce the nitrogen-containing compound 250 tons, reduce dust particles discharge 55 tons . According to relevant reports, the pornophonica in 2008, China Huang Phosphorus actual total production was 520 million tons, and the blood-discharged yellow phosphorus exhaust gas exceeded 1.4 billion m3, including about 5,000 tons of SO2, 1880 tons of P2O5 row In the air, the heat loss belongs to 5.7 million tons directly, resulting in direct economic losses of 576 million yuan. It can be seen that Huang Phosphorine exhaust is used as a resource-based integrated utilization for limestone calcination, which also brings an incapacitated environmental benefit while bringing huge economic benefits. The emergence of the yellow phosphorus tail gas burner not only opened up new channels for comprehensive utilization of Huang Phosphorus, but also reduced the pollution of yellow phosphorus tail gas to the environment, thereby realizing the comprehensive utilization of yellow-phosphate and energy conservation and emission reduction. Environmental benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.