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How to choose the best low NOx combustion rehabilitation pro

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Fuel gas burner is natural gas, when we use gas burner requires attention to what? With the view of selecting the best low NOx combustion rehabilitation programs?
	How to choose the best low NOx combustion rehabilitation pro

How to choose the best low NOx combustion rehabilitation programs?
Experts recommend optimal low NOx combustion rehabilitation programs, including the burner type, the secondary air nozzle design, SOFA wind design, but also in combination with an existing boiler structural transformation unit and other equipment operating conditions and many other factors. 1. Conversion of the principle in conjunction with the current status of the development of low NOx combustion technology, take full account of the transformation of the boiler unit with its own characteristics, low nitrogen Combustion Technology should improve boiler combustion zone established effective control of the reduction zone, burnout zone three regions. Experts recommend optimal low NOx combustion rehabilitation programs are still the main fuel staging and air staging, its maneuverability, low cost of renovation and so on. 2. Burner Type Selection for rehabilitation programs low nitrogen combustion, the burner is a type selection key technology. In general, widely used type of burner, mainly in the horizontal and vertical Burner Burner two categories. Horizontal Burner in the horizontal direction can be realized LEAN coal, having a furnace toward the center of the jet, the volume radially strong absorption capacity, "air bag coal" obvious effect characteristics; Burner vertical direction perpendicular to achieve separation Coal Powder , on the burner group in the vertical direction are arranged, can achieve "a thick faint a thick" arrangement, capable of forming a macroscopic gradation separation combustion zone. For the selection of the type burner, but also pay attention shade separation. LEAN can be achieved at the burner nozzle, and a reasonable correlation with the segregation ratio. Parameters, the key is to ensure that low-nitrogen combustion. 3. The secondary air nozzle design secondary air nozzle is designed to fully consider the excess air ratio of the main combustion zone of the boiler, a secondary air ratio, and other design parameters of wind speed. 4. The boundary air is provided due to the general part of the boiler plant Tangentially combustion, coal combustion will have changed and should be considered when setting the boundary air so that the pulverized coal concentration of the water wall regions effectively reduced, increasing the oxygen concentration to a maximum, there is help to improve the oxidizing atmosphere of the water wall, preventing water wall abundance ratio of blown flame, weakened Wall coking tendency. Horizontal bias combustion, can be designed with a bias perimeter air, while the vertical bias combustion, are often designed using the Coanda wall air jet. Both the idea to set boundaries in the wind, are fully taken weakening of Wall Coking thought. Wind boundaries set parameters related to air spouts border size, border style wind speed and air rate, while also considering the wind and the boundary of the burner nozzle match and so on. 5.OFA vents choice because it is low-nitrogen combustion boiler technological transformation of the original structure on the basis of the existing boiler and combustion system often has OFE, vents, can benefit the old use, but also the low NOx combustion process to focus on technological innovation one problem to consider. OFA upper main burner nozzle often Fanqie to weaken the furnace gas flow rotating, reducing the furnace exit gas temperature deviation, the effect is more obvious. If the original OFE1 orifice size, wind speed and the amount of the low NOx combustion is provided technical improvement of conflict, it may be blocked or modified use. 6.SOFA wind design wind SOFA design low NOx combustion in technological innovation is seen as a key factor. The larger proportion of secondary air (& lt; SOFA) disposed in an upper portion of the burner, the boiler combustion air to achieve staged combustion technique, only a small production of NO can be controlled, while the burnout zone of the furnace to ensure complete combustion thus further reducing the fly ash content of the fuel to maintain combustion efficiency of the boiler. SOFA presence of wind, is to form the burnout zone. Location and size of the burn area is the key to the design of wind SOFA, SOFA high spout, spout group with several layers of SOFA, SOFA wind wind speed and air volume ratio and other parameters should be a focus. 7. Other selected during the scheme, but also consider whether to change the elevation of the existing burners, burner wear material selection, a number of factors BU layer burner ignition system design, original equipment benefit the old and so on. The choice of burner wear materials, will affect the price of the entire reform program, but also determines the overall life of the burner. Bu layer burner should consider all factors ignition systems, ignition systems for factory original, targeted burner design. Bu layer burner little good will directly affect the combustion efficiency of pulverized coal boiler. If you want to learn more knowledge about low nitrogen burners, please consult.